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An engaging, educational video game emphasizing:
NumberShire has been federally funded and successfully evaluated using the US Department of Education's standards for research. In a randomized controlled trial, NumberShire students made significant gains in whole number concepts and skills addressed in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
Data and Accountability
NumberShire provides educators with individual student and aggregate group mastery reports that depict student math learning and progress in NumberShire activities. These mastery reports are aligned with the Common Core State Standards for mathematics (K-2) to support instructional decision-making. A demo of these reports can be found here.
NumberShire adjusts the level of scaffolding during game play and provides additional practice opportunities based on students' educational needs.
Blended Learning
NumberShire complements and supports existing core mathematics curricula and can be used as a targeted intervention or whole-class instructional supplement.
$11.99 per student
$8.99 per student after 20 students

Demonstrated Results

A randomized controlled trial conducted in 26 first grade classrooms found that students in the NumberShire treatment group performed better than students in the control on a math assessment designed to measure learning in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Results of the 8-week pilot study demonstrate that NumberShire can significantly improve mathematics learning in the domains of Counting and Cardinality, Number and Operations in Base Ten, and Operations and Algebraic Thinking.

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We’ve partnered closely with the University of Oregon's Center on Teaching and Learning to improve the quality of early math education through carefully crafted curricula and thorough research.

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